Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 1

March 13, 2019

Study course for Napoleon Hill’s classic book
Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich was written in the 1930’s. It is considered a masterpiece of thoughts, suggestions and ideas.
There are study courses, tapes, CD’s and all sorts of electronic media that teach the information from Dr. Hill’s book. I hope my unique teaching methods help you understand and utilize this information easily, quickly and with absolute clarity.
There are 15 chapters to Think and Grow Rich – I invite you to purchase a copy and read along as I offer my unique experiences and interactions with the information from each chapter.

The next chapter will be discussed in two weeks, your action- step for today is to order or purchase locally Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Your second action step is to read chapter 1 and 2.

Chapter 1
Thoughts are Things

What you think has a direct bearing on what occurs in life. When you set your mind on a problem, idea, or desire and mix that though with a definiteness of purpose- you unleash a powerful force in nature. Think of your mind as a receiver and transmitter of ideas. When you put your mind to work, you call others to your cause and offer your ideas to others. Many people believe that what they know about a subject, problem or idea is most important. They fail to realize that utilizing other people’s knowledge and expertise to solve problems and reach goals is crucial to achieving more then you though possible. By holding an idea in our mind as an “idee fixe”, you create a team of like-minded people to your cause “like magic”, the “right” people show up in your life. The first thing you must do when you come to a term that you do not understand is look it up. Our smartphones have made researching information ridiculously simple. If you do not understand the term “idee fixe”, look it up.

Please read chapter one of Think and Grow Rich

Before I ever thought of getting married or having children. I always had dogs as pets. My children were raised in a home with three dogs and for them it was considered normal that dogs were an everyday part of life. Animals were a constant in our life: cats, kittens and dogs just somehow found a home with us. When my son was about 9, one of our dogs died. For him, it was a real loss. Abigail was a German short hair pointer that had been found on the side of the highway. She was truly unadoptable because of her many bad habits. She came into our family because the local vet could not bear to euthanize her and informed the local shelter, he could place her with a family -meaning us-. My son grew up with Abigail and her only redeeming quality was the love she showered on my son. They were inseparable, when she wasn’t running away, destroying the house or generally making us all crazy. She truly was a beautiful animal. When we “adopted” Abigail, the vet assured us she was very old and had maybe a year or two to live at very best! Well 6 years later, Abigail was finally laid to rest and my son informed me that he was going to go upstairs and cry his eyes out. I had decided that we were going to be a two-dog family, however Thoughts are Things and my son had different plans. It was a beautiful Saturday morning; my son, Jake, came down and asked me how to go about getting a “new dog”. He specifically wanted to know the “trick” I used to find things. I explained how I used the ideas and actions as described in chapter one and concentrated my mind on what I desired. I cautioned him that sometimes it’s like magic, what you want just appears and other times it takes lots of work. About an hour later, he came down and told me we were going to go on a bike ride and find his new dog. I cautioned Jake not to get his hopes up. Looking back, I cannot believe I was the teacher and he the student. We went out for the ride and as we came around the corner of Canning Road, there the “new dog” sat. Bill the Pitbull was willed into our lives through the power of thought!

The Voodoo Hammer

Sometimes the power of thought is so amazing that people find it scary. I was fortunate that I spent a lot of time with my grandad as a child and young adult. My granddad was one of the nicest men you could ever know. He was extremely generous with others; however, he was very frugal when it came to himself. One of my granddad’s peculiarities was that he always had the most inexpensive hand tools. One morning, he and I were nailing a chicken coop together when the head of his hammer flew off. If you had seen the hammer collection he had, you would smile from ear to ear, each one was in worse condition then the next. His hammers were held together with glue and tape! After the first hammer broke, I ran to the barn and got him another. In a short time that hammer broke as well. “That’s it! That’s it!” he cried, “I am going to the store and buying myself a hammer!” Up until that point, I did not fully realize that hammers were purchased at stores; all the ones we had lived long lives on the farm and there always seemed to be one around when you needed it. I joked and kidded my grandad that we were not breaking tradition by purchasing a hammer. We would find one! That afternoon, we headed to town. From where we lived, it was almost an hour to civilization, so when we went out we made several stops. At every stop, I looked around, telling him we would find a hammer. The last stop we were going to make was at a framing store. He went in and picked up a few pictures my grandmother had wanted framed. On the way out, I saw it! In the parking lot across the street: the HAMMER… I pointed to it and told him, “There she is! There is your hammer!” I ran across the street. It was an Estwing hammer, far better and more expensive then anything he would ever buy for himself. I expected him to yell with joy, but he would not touch it. He said it was a voodoo hammer!! I still have the hammer and it is one of my most cherished possessions, as well as one of my best memories.

When most people think of using their mind, they think only in terms of life changing events. It is good to use your mind in all matters. What you think about is what comes about! Keep your mind on what’s important to you!
Using your mind is not always about “getting” Your mind is both a transmitter and receiver, your thoughts shape your life. Two pieces of information you need to know about my life to make this story understandable are 1. For a brief time in my life I was a police officer in New York City. 2. As a young child I lost my father to suicide. I rarely think of either one of these events.

On a beautiful bright sunny spring day. I was driving home from my office for lunch. I had seen a record number of clients in the office, the warm gentle breeze was blowing into my car while some of my favorite songs were playing on the car radio. In short it was a perfect day! As I crested the hill, I thought thank god I am not a cop anymore. As a drove a little further I said aloud, Dad I wish you were here, I would love for you to see all this with me. As soon as I said it, I felt foolish I had not thought of my father for even a brief instant in years. Immediately after I had the “thought flash” I saw a large blue car along the side of the road the left front tire was jacked off the ground and there was a older gentleman standing there with the look I have come to recognize as “what do I do now?” I have made it a habit to stop for people with car trouble, so without thinking I pulled off to the side directly in front of him. As I got busy changing the tire, the man suddenly began to cry. After I released the jack and the car was back on the ground, I put all the tools back in his trunk. He was sitting in the driver’s seat with his head on the wheel and his hands were holding his head and he was weeping uncontrollably. I just stood there I had not a clue to what was wrong as I thought what I should do he looked up at me tears streaming down his cheeks. “My son just killed himself. He was a police officer I have to go home to tell his wife and children- I don’t know what to say.” I never got home for lunch that day. We sat in that car and went through it all. I do not believe there was another person in the world more uniquely qualified then myself to be there at that moment for him. What I received back was immeasurable, I received a valuable lesson on how powerful thoughts are and a closer bond to my father and humanity than I thought possible.

What we think about shapes all aspects of our life.
What are the thoughts you hold in your mind?
What you think about-comes about, so be careful of what you think!
When you focus your mind you not only receive you transmit.

dr. judd nogrady | founding member

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